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Mental Health Awareness Month, Supervised Visitation Month, LCRC Upcoming Events, Kinship, Break the Silence Tour.
Women's ONE Hundred, LCRC Upcoming Events, ACES, Spotlight on Staff - Richard H., Kinship.
Power and Control Wheel, Making a Difference - 28th Annual Banquet and more, Spotlight on Staff - introducing Rachel M., Kinship, and Upcoming Events
March 2018 Edition
Lakes Area Auction, LCRC, Teenage Dating Violence, Upcoming Events, Spotlight on Staff, Kinship, Mentors
1st Quarter Newsletter, 27th Annual Banquet & Auction 2017
4th Quarter Newsletter, Give to the Max Day November 17, 2016
2nd Quarter Newsletter 2016, 3rd Annual Lakes Area Auction
4th Quarter Lakes Crisis & Resource Center Newsletter, 26th Annual Banquet
4th Quarter Lakes Crisis & Resource Center Newsletter
Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Circle of Angels
Raffle, 5k, Auction, Domestic Violence, Circle of Angels
Annual Banquet, Fundraiser, Domestic Violence, Shelter
Circle of Angels, Domestic Violence, Donate, Christmas gift
Auction Recap Give to the Max Day Domestic Violence Mental Health
A Good Ol' Fashioned Charity Auction on August 16th, Summer's Story, Spotlight on Staff Jan Logan, Circle of Angels, Wish List, Thank you to 24th Annual Banquet sponsors.
Michelle's road to independence, 24th Annual Banquet & Auction, Direct Sales Consultants wanted, Wish List items for LCRC, Circle of Angels.
Economic hardships and domestic violence. Three new programs launched. Join our Circle of Angels giving group.
Mary's Place (Two Years Later), Building, Board of Directors, We Care Receipts, Find Us On facebook, Donate Online, Wish List, Upcoming Events.
Katherine's Story, Donations Received, "Family Power" Annual Banquet, Tupperware Fundraiser, Sexual Assault Awareness Month and more...
Jill's Story, Dine & Donate, New Website, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Wish List and Upcoming Events
Jessica's Story, We Care Receipts, Garage Sale, Elder Abuse, Wish List, WE Fest Bucket Drive and Golf Tournament
Annual Banquet, Giving Hearts Day, Ellie's Story, Legal Services, April Awareness, Wish List, Volunteers and New Logos