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Safety Alert

Your abuser can monitor your internet and computer use!

If you are in danger or suspect your computer is being monitored, please do NOT use this website and do not email us. Call 911 for emergencies, use a safe computer or call our 24-Hr Crisis Hotline at 1-877-754-9683.

Making a Difference for Families in Need

By joining together, we can work to give all children a chance for a healthy life. It is the goal of Lakes Crisis & Resource Center to continue to strive to break the cycle of violence. As a non-profit crisis center, we serve women, men, children and families who have been affected by violence, trauma or crime in our rural community.

Please consider joining us and giving a generous financial gift towards supporting and helping a child. Your gift is tax deductible and it really will make a difference!

30th Annual Banquet & Auction - April 18, 2020
Our Annual Banquet will take place at Holiday Inn-Detroit Lakes on April 18th. Get your tickets now!